TH Mini Honey Giftset 3x 30g (Bundle of 6)

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HoneyWorld® TH Mini Honey Giftset 3x 30g (Bundle of 6)

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Product Description

*This bundle includes 6 sets of TH Mini Honey Giftset 3x 30g.

Honey world honey is derived from various parts of the world and brought to you 100% pure and unblended. Our honeys are packed using minimal heating to ensure they retain most of their natural enzymes and nutrients. They are extremely high quality honeys and the premium choice for any discerning honey lover. Honeyworld honey unlocks the beautiful world of the aromatic flower and is simply the best. Contains 3 bottles of 30g mini honey. Product of Thailand.

Halal certified. (Halal logo is printed on the label)


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